Keypath is going through its own transformation

John Lewis isn’t the only company going through a rebrand this month. At Keypath we are usually providing guidance and support to Clients but now we’re undergoing a transformation ourselves. After many years of the ‘key’ logo design, Keypath is changing its look to a simpler and more contemporary design. Introducing the ‘K’ icon, designed to reflect the journey we are proud to undertake with each and every one of our Clients.

Your route to success

We have shortened the tag line to simply ‘your route to success’. We really wanted to emphasise that, whether your organisation calls it business transformation, change management, or continuous improvement, it is a journey. And as with all journeys, you need to navigate your way to an end point, overcoming road blocks, diversions and being aware of the other drivers on the road.

You can probably tell by now that we at Keypath enjoy a good analogy and we like to think of ourselves as an ‘organisational satnav’, here to guide you on your journey. Once the destination has been identified, we’ll provide the directions, warn you about possible road blocks and recommend the optimum route.

New website

We have also used the rebrand as an opportunity to redesign the website, making it more user-friendly and ultimately quicker and easier for visitors to find the information they are looking for. We will be posting more frequent blog posts with transformation guidance and support, success stories, and industry relevant information. Take a look around and see what’s new.

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Keypath services

Although the image is new, the Client focus of our consultancy services remains unchanged. Over our 28 year history, we have been constantly adapting to the needs of our Clients, refining our offering to provide Clients with the optimum service.

The digital transformation of our services took place last year when we became Mavim’s reselling Partner in the UK. The Microsoft-based, multi-device platform perfectly complements the management consultancy services provided by Keypath’s consultants, through integrating people, processes and systems. Providing everything from digital twin modelling, to customer journey optimisation, and everything in between, together Keypath and Mavim provide the complete business transformation solution.

With thanks

Keypath thanks Katie at KT&Co for her fantastic design services and Dave at Doive Designs for his excellent web development services.

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