5 reasons to digitally-transform your business

A recent article in the World Economic Forum, outlined the three main priorities CEOs are currently focusing on. Their survey revealed that those CEOs using disruption to their advantage were performing best, leveraging it to bring new products and services to market at pace. For some they were digitally transforming their entire business model. Beyond being another business buzzword or must-have strategic objective, digital transformation offers organisations a platform to realising so many benefits and opportunities to lead competitors and…

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Using Technology to Optimise the Customer Journey In most organistions, there is no shortage of customer data, the challenge lies in what do to with it. Turning this data in to real insight and creating a seamless experience for the customer often creates conflict within an organisation, as it struggles to ‘fit’ the customers needs into its existing structure, systems and processes. Mavim has written a white paper that addresses this very challenge. Here we give a brief overview how technology can help break down organanisational silos…

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