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Change is a journey

Who doesn’t love a good business analogy? At Keypath we certainly do and we like to think of ourselves as an ‘Organisational Satnav’, with our consultancy services helping you on your route to success.

We very much believe in business transformation / change management / continuous improvement being a dynamic and ongoing process. Our aim is to help and support you to plan and execute your journey, however as with any journey, there are diversions and unexpected delays along the way. We’re here to help you plan for and navigate the unexpected so you can reach your destination.

Start to finish

Unlike your phone’s satnav, we won’t drain your battery and run out of charge. We are there from the setting of the destination, to the re-routing and ultimately reaching your destination. In business speak, after spending time with our Clients, listening and observing, we help determine the best way to move forward and work closely together to achieve results cost effectively and on time. We support our Clients throughout the project lifecycle – from strategy formulation and planning, to implementation, to achieving key strategic, operational and organisational goals.

Our approach

When starting a car journey you need three essential elements: a driver, a satnav and a car. Those three elements are also required to run an efficient organisation; people, technology and processes. This thinking is at the heart of every Client and solution we work on.

Our toolkit

There are essentials we all tend to keep in the car; manual, contact details of breakdown cover, spare tyre etc. These are here to support us, should we need them, they bring us peace of mind and are essentially our car toolkit. Keypath too have an essential toolkit for consultancy services:

  • Listed Practice of the UK Institute of Consulting and all of our Consultants follow the Code of Practice of the IC
  • Keypath operates a management system conforming to ISO9001:2015 and follows the guidelines for management consultancy services of ISO20700

‘The Knowledge’

Think of our Consultants as London black cab drivers, they have studied ‘the Knowledge’ and have first-hand experience of driving the routes; they know the shortcuts and can anticipate road blocks. All our Consultants have worked in industry, so have gained in-depth knowledge of the issues facing organisations. Our collective experience across different industries and business functions, enables us to give advice to all types and size of enterprise.

Your travel partner

It’s always good to know your travel companion, so here’s a little intro and video to Keypath. We provide inspirational consultancy in business strategy, management systems and business process performance for a wide range of organisations. Since 1995, we have built a solid reputation as a proactive and dedicated provider, working with Clients in the private, public and charitable sectors.

Keypath is based in the UK and provides Consultancy Services to a large variety of Clients in Europe and the Middle East and operate through associate companies in those regions.


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